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We help companies make more money through intelligent digital marketing advertising and creative conversion rate optimization.


We’ve been leading brands to success since the early Facebook days, but we know you’ve got a lot options when it comes to who you partner with for your social media marketing efforts.

Here are 3 things we’d like you to remember about us.

1.Focus: Social media marketing is all we do. It’s not just an afterthought.
2.Experience: We only hypothesize, design, and split test things that have a true business impact.
3.Results: Right Traffic, Right Ads,High Conversion Rates


Dot Studios is an agency that exists to help digital marketing teams design and above all, execute better advertising programs. Our team is not only highly-skilled in campaign management and regular operations, but also in creative strategy, attribution infrastructure, holistic campaign measurement, digital marketing automation systems, and more.

  • You Get Early Access to Betas, Alphas, and New Features Via the API

Firstly, when working with an FMP, you’re eligible for early access to alphas and betas on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, because FMPs have a strong understanding of the API, the new features, digital marketing optimizations, and formats released there are quickly accessible and made ready for you. Moreover, your FMP’s ability to navigate the API is key in unlocking the latest innovations available too.

  • FMPs are Certified Facebook Experts

Working with an FMP undoubtedly means working with Facebook experts. That means despite the circumstances,  you’re not going to be left guessing on what’s best for your brand, how the latest innovations can work for you, or what best practices are key to follow — and above all, because you’ll have certified professionals with the answer along with validated information.

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In Addition To Being On Facebook, You Need a Facebook Digital Marketing Partner.

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Our Sister Company

Foodarketing - An F&B Oriented Digital Marketing Agency

Foodarketing is your agency for tomorrow’s digital marketing &  commu­ni­ca­tion. We don’t think in chan­nels, but of touch­points. We think in user inter­ac­tions in addition to customer expe­ri­ences.
Dur­ing the last years in busi­ness, we’ve synced peo­ple with brands and therefore launched hun­dreds of brand mis­sions, com­mu­ni­ca­tion strate­gies, press releases, plat­forms, mags, ads, blogs, microsites, fan­gates, events, and blog­ger sum­mits. You can visit foodarketing here