Tomorrow's India


Tomorrow's India

Tomorrow’s India is a Non-Profit Organisation aiming towards a better India, a vision with better job opportunities, education, child labour free zone, improved health & sanitation facilities, curtailed population growth, proper measures toward hunger & poverty, no juvenile delinquency and other similar social issues which are objectionable, and the continuance of which is harmful for the society in the future.

In consonance with their vision, they constantly organised events, and ran awareness campaigns for the issues that they want to be brought to light. We helped them curate these campaigns and help generate awareness about every issue and also throw light on their overall vision.


Key Issue Resolution

A key issue that Tomorrow’s India was facing while trying to achieve its objective was the low rate of offline engagement of the people and poor participation in the sessions they hosted and the events they organized. 

Being a non-profit organization, proceeds from the tickets from these events was key to their continuity and growth.

To increase their tickets sales and improve participation, we followed a two-pronged approach:

  • We started doing dedicated campaigns for every issue that they were focusing to have higher engagement and starting running holistic awareness campaigns online.
  • We ran Traffic/Lead Generation ads to target people who engaged with the issue campaigns and helped raise their ticket sales up drastically.


As they came on board with us, their objective was to utilize digital media to spread their message across to a larger audience base and to ensure that more and more people got to know about and aligned with their vision for a better India.

Their major objectives included:

  • Creating awareness about their vision
  • Ensuring more people became a part of the community by leveraging the digital space
  • Creating awareness about every individual issue ranging from labor welfare to bride trafficking to education 
  • Ensuring offline engagement through online channels (people participating in events and coming for the sessions organised)


There were a lot of things that had to be simultaneously done to bring the results desired, some of the things that helped us achieve the desired objectives were:

  • We started with amping up their social media and making sure it wasn’t too promotional in nature and actually focused on the objectives of Tomorrow’s India.
  • We ran dedicated campaigns for them to educate people about individual issues and pique their interest.
  • We ran awareness ads as well as traffic ads for them that helped make people aware about the NGO and also directed people to their website where people could read about the vision and mission of the brand in detail.
  • We created contests and activated all channels for them from Facebook to Youtube that got people to engage more with the organisation.