Millie's Cookies


Their Story

Millie’s Cookies is an International cookie brand often as UK’s no. 1. In the UK, it deals mainly in delicious cookies, with their USP being giant pizza sized cookies customized to your liking.

However,  the brand entered India with the ideological aim of, firstly,  familiarising our country with the concept of cookies, as against biscuits that often pass on as cookies here; and secondly, diverse from its international identity and establish itself as a dessert brand with multiple offerings ranging from cookies, brownies, muffins to shakes, coffees, coolers etc.


Tohfa Mithaas Ka

To come up with an innovative and creative solution for Millie’s, we created a different brand proposition for Indian market which resulted in a breakthrough of the brand. 

We made Millie’s a gifting brand that likes to bring people together during a celebration, no matter how big or small. This was essential to project it as a wholesome dessert shop as well. 

For the packaging of the box, we created a minimal and quirky design keeping in mind the setting of a celebratory mood the minute somebody would have bought it. The launch of the box was done by Parineeti Chopra who was also the Brand Ambassador Of Millie’s.


The Next Step

The Next Step

As the launch of Millie’s Pan India delivery and newly made website that was designed by us was coming up, we thought of introducing another design for the box which was more basic and which showcased each feeling and mood that people usually undergo before opening the box of refreshing and delicious desserts. This increased the relatability factor of the brand as well. To spread awareness of the same, we sent gifts to all the people in Delhi!  The idea was to add a layer of gift wrapping paper on the front page and our message on the next one. This was done to build a curiosity among people and to make sure that people would read it.

Their Goal:

They had a three-pronged goal in their minds at the start of India operation with respect to revenues:

  • Increasing their in store  footfall
  • Increase online sales on their ecommerce website
  • Improve performance on third party platform to be able to grow (through franchises) quickly.

Their Solution:

We created campaigns for them that were in line with their overall brand ideology but, at the same time, understood and connected with Indian audiences and helped them build trust and likeability in a new country. 

We, then, ran different kinds of ads for them to help them reach more people and generate higher revenues on all their selling platforms i.e. e-commerce website, third party aggregators, and in stores.

Increase In Orders On 3rd Party Aggregators
Increase In Footfall In Various Stores