Cyber Hub



Cyber Hub, over the years, has amassed massive popularity as the go-to place for everyone in Gurgaon and other nearby areas in Delhi NCR. From restaurants to bars to gaming arenas, it has everything that you need to have a good time. 

Their mere goodwill amongst so many people, due to all that they had to offer, helped them amass a considerable digital following. We stepped in when they wanted to reshape their digital media to give it the aesthetic and vibe of a prevalent brand, grow their following at a steady pace, and create a recall value.


Social Media Strategy

We built a structured online existence for cyber hub consisting of information, engagement and aesthetics. We created a sync with offline activities to build a digital presence with a greater recall.


We introduced a long term, broad campaign “This Is It” that featured a more lively and extravagant idea of being at Cyber Hub and highlighted a feeling of missing out on its vibe.



We conceptualized a billboard campaign for Cyber Hub, the purpose of which was to spread awareness about the opening of a new parking area there. 

Considering that our purpose was to catch people’s attention and successfully communicate a fact, we decided to go ahead with an all-text campaign and chose bold, catchy lines to give people something interesting to tell other people and held spread the word even further.


Such a direct and bold approach got the message across in a quicker and better way. We did so because gasping the thought from a visual on a billboard is a lot tougher than grasping the meaning of a line that you read.



This Is It

The tagline was aimed at portraying Cyber Hub as the ultimate hotspot for exuberant evenings and unforgettable experiences. We supplemented the tagline with a hashtag #StartLiving that associated itself with the ever conscious youth and urged them to not miss out on experiences in life and served as a podium for living in the moment; to vibe in the present.