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To Begin With

Khelo India is a step towards the development of India through an extremely important element of Indian culture i.e. Sports.
It is initiated to build a strong structure of skills and talents in the nation.
Along with it, this initiative encourages people to improve their well-being and fitness. It sets an example and inspires many on a national and global platform.
To add a grace to it, Adidas became a part of their development by becoming the main sponsor of Khelo India by providing them with the branding and communication of the whole event.
We, Dot Studios, collaborated with Adidas to build a concept behind the event branding and communication and to eventually bring the concept to life through our design. 


All In The Details

Our concept included different aspects of Sports, for example, health, activity and fitness but we still needed something to make it more purposeful and this is where elements of Khelo India’s Logo came into play to create Mandala. The Mandala has been known to facilitate profound inner transformation and spiritual healing through meditation, something that has always been of great meaning and value in India and is considered to be one of India’s gifts to the world. This creation acted like a merger of the physical and the mental and, thus, signified holistic, all round development; which is what sports often help us achieve. We made sure to incorporate the above concept in our Jerseys by deconstructing and constructing the Khelo India’s logo to make our own custom Mandala. 



Khelo India is a platform for many youngsters to change their lives forever, for good. A place where various interests come together for a common goal, the development and the growth of all. The hashtag was inclusive of various changes that any youngster would usually undergo and how they could use it for their benefit. Through this hashtag, we motivated people to bring out their head out of the clouds and leave anything which is worrisome and live a life which is filled with enthusiasm and positivity. By eliminating the valueless things from life, we encouraged people to live a passionate life that is worth their hard work. 

It also motivates the audience to see the next level of sports with Khelo India.


1,184 Jerseys under 3 days

The whole project that was inclusive of the design of the jerseys, the event communication and its branding was locked down and concluded under 3 days. Our task was to design jerseys for 16 sports categories, for different teams which were coming from 29 states and 8 Union Territories, for men and women each. The total of which comes out to be 1,184 jerseys. Every colour that was on the jersey had its own concept and was inspired by each state and game that Khelo India was inclusive of.