How To Find The Right Influencers For Your Brand

Influencer marketing has attained an enormous significance in today’s times. These content creators hold the power to make your brand explode overnight with one post! 
Of course, small and medium businesses don’t often have the budget to engage super famous influencers, but even small businesses can easily choose affordable influencers that can really benefit the brand. 
But with the market literally flooding with content creators, bloggers, influencers; it is important to make sure you choose the right ones. So, keep these few pointers in mind every time you choose some to be your brand’s influencer.

1. They resonate with your audience: The most important thing while selecting an influencer is to understand the kind of personality they have online and the kind of vibe they have. And using that, analyzing if they will resonate with your audience. Whether your customers are likely to listen to them or not. If they won’t resonate, their following will matter very little. 

2. They deal with your product category: Many small brands make this very common mistake. They tie up with influencers that are cheap, good, doing very well in their field, however, they do not have enough experience or following in the field of the brand’s product category. 
One of the more common instances of this is makeup brands tying up with fashion and lifestyle bloggers with no experience in makeup-related content. 

3. engagement/Screening their followers: This is one of the most basic yet often neglected things while choosing influencers. 
With more and more people being able to garner followers, it is important to see whether these are active users who are likely to engage with your brand or not. 

While how many comments they are getting actually gives you an idea of their active users, individual comments can further help decipher if they are getting these comments for the right reasons.
For instance, expanding on the makeup example, an influencer with 2000 followers getting 40 comments from women on a makeup post is better for you than an influencer with 10,000 followers getting 180 comments from men commenting on her looks. 

4. Have an established niche:
This is a somewhat advanced distinguisher and is useful when you wish to further improve your ROI. Instead of going for a general influencer, it is important to narrow down as much as you can. For instance, for a person that sells healthy foods, it’s a good idea to start with a lifestyle blogger but then get into a food/fitness blogger and eventually even involve bloggers that focus on conscious, healthy, and monitored eating!

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