Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

The internet is truly a wonderful place. It has transformed the way brands used to market themselves in the yesteryears. Gone are the days when cigarette manufacturers advertised them as healthy. Today is all about going digital and so many people are doing it wrong! Mentioned below are some of the mistakes and blunders that you can avoid to ensure your brand is marketed properly.

1. Marketing to an audience that is not interested

Numerous businesses make the mistake of emphasizing  exclusively on the number of visitors when analyzing traffic to their website. If the traffic is growing, they are happy, and they will do anything to bring more visitors to the website, regardless of whether these people will become customers. In reality, your website needs the “right” traffic. You need visitors that can be converted into customers. When I refer to the “right” visitors, I am not referring to only demographic parameters. You should be marketing to a niche, not a demographic.

2. Underestimating Marketing Costs

It’s a common misconception that online marketing is free. Even if you plan to focus your efforts on types of marketing that don’t incur direct expenses for advertising (such as search engine optimization), the expertise that produces results never comes cheap. Spending money on a website and having no budget for marketing is like buying a car and having no money for gas. It precludes the need for a website. While this scenario may be extreme, you should understand that website marketing always incurs cost. I recommend setting a budget that will cover a year’s cost of marketing expenses. The exact amount may vary depending on objectives and the aggressiveness of the marketing strategies selected, but ideally, the budget amount should start at between 20% and 50% of your website’s cost

3. Not Marketing Your Website

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen very smart business people come to us with the naïve idea that when the new website is live, it will somehow magically market itself, and visitors will flock to the website by the millions. There are over 1 billion websites on the Internet today. What are the chances of someone stumbling upon your website? Just as your company’s sales will dry up without marketing, your website will also have little or no traffic without marketing. Without traffic, you website is a dead weight in the digital universe. There will be no visitors, no leads, and no sales. Regardless of your website’s purpose or objective, proper marketing is always the key to its success.

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