How to build a brand without a big marketing budget?

One of the biggest struggles most small businesses and brands face is to build a brand online, and gain social media popularity without needing to spend exorbitant amounts of money on marketing: be it ads, production, or engaging known faces with the brand. 
The struggle is very hard and very real and yet, the solutions are surprisingly simple.
We’ve gotten so carried away with big numbers and stats and figures that we forget that, at the end of the day, social media is all about people and connecting to them. 
Once that is put in perspective, everything becomes easy to understand.
There are a lot of ways in which small brands can build an audience and grow organically. Let’s look at them.

1. Post Frequently:When you’re trying to grow organically, you cannot post on occasion. Your biggest strength is your content so the more there is, the better.
Big brands that spend lakhs on a single video can afford to focus on that video for days; for a small brand, giving your audience something useful everyday is the key. 
And not just that, for a small brand to find greater visibility online, you have to have a plethora of good quality, relevant content out there.

2. Be Consistent:Never abandon your audience. When you’re trying to build a base, it is important that your audience can rely on you. Social media is a thing of daily consumption and people become accustomed to consuming the content they like. Posting one post everyday and posting 7 posts every sunday are not the same thing.

3. Find your niche:There are countless brands that get this part wrong. No brand can be a one stop solution for an audience with such a wide range of options. Instead, what a brand should do is fidn their niche. What is that they’re the best equipped to offer their audience and what their audience responds to most.
Once you can identify that, stick to it. Play within that niche but don’t jump from one niche to another trying to expand your audience base. It only confuses them and drastically reduces your chances of building a loyal following. 

4. Engage:People follow celebrities on social media to just look, they follow brands because they think they have something to offer. That’s why engaging with your audience is very important. Post things that make them want to respond, a question, an advice, a tip, get a conversation going. Every time they expect you to respond and you do, you come a little closer to them. This builds the kind of reliance that helps you retain them and become an active part of their life as a brand.

A few of these simple to understand but difficult to execute tips followed religiously can help a lot of small brands establish themselves organically and without having to spend loads of money on marketing.

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