Instagram checkout and the future of social commerce!

Instagram checkout and the future of social commerce!
If you’re a marketeer or a brand that sells majorly online using social media to promote your products, you are bound to have come across the term “social commerce”
Simply put, social commerce is the newest form of ecommerce wherein you don’t just promote your product on social media but also sell it directly on that platform without redirecting people to your website. 
And if the last few months are any proof, social commerce is set to take over the online sales industry. 
What’s Instagram checkout?
Instagram has been playing with a feature called Instagram shop which is live in almost 70 countries, wherein you can showcase your best products as they’d be visible on your website and they also allow for a link to directly take people from the product they like on to the website to buy. 
But now, instagram is planning to roll out a setup called Instagram checkout wherein people can buy products directly from Instagram without ever leaving the platform!
They’ve already been testing with Nike and Kylie Cosmetics as of now!
Now this could be a game changer. Stats suggest that 70% shoppers use Instagram for product discovery, 30% shoppers say they are very likely to buy directly from a social media platform. 
So with Instagram giving them the opportunity to buy directly at the point of discovery, websites are looking at becoming obsolete. 
With social media already being such a great player in product and brand outreach and growth, an opportunity to market as well as sell directly on the platform will remove a very big step from the buying process and make social commerce the absolute next big thing in online business.
How soon Instagram comes out with this on a large scale remains to be seen. But the chances of it ruling the ecommerce sector appear high!

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